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Michael Rauscher
Project Leader, Husband, Life Explorer • I write about Impactful Personal Growth • Grab your focus checklist

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.

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Understanding emotions.

Embracing difficult and busy days is your secret superpower.

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You don’t change in breakthroughs. You change in small shifts.

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An in-depth look at mastering choices.

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And what to do instead.

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You already have everything you need to reach your goals. You’re just letting certain things get in your way.

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Worrying is not a good defense system. Do this instead.

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Space travel is a personal growth booster once we apply these learnings to our lives.

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You’re leveling up way more often than you realize.

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A gentle reminder to make more time for the things that you love

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Nevertheless, you made it to the here and now. Not everyone did.

Michael Rauscher

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