Do You Master Your Subconscious Mind, or Does It Master You?

Find out if you’ve set your subconscious mind for your benefit by answering these six questions.

Michael Rauscher
11 min readJul 23, 2020


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We humans haven’t understood the human brain entirely yet. Many measurements and tests were made, and so many highly exciting results to be shared. But we do not need to wait until everything is discovered at 100 percent.

We can work with what we know, and we do not need to overcomplicate that.

Our brain contains an area that lets us think consciously — the cerebrum. The human is the only species that has the cerebrum area and hence the ability to think consciously. It helps us to learn, to draw consequences, to analyze, to question, to decide.

Delimited from conscious thinking is the subconscious mind. It maintains the body functions that are essential for survival. It lets our heart pump automatically, our lungs breathe automatically, and arranges the proper functionality of our organs. These essential body functions cannot be undone or changed, as they are deeply solidified and imprinted.

The subconscious mind also stores our repetitive thinking and behavior pattern. In other words, we solidified our habits within our subconscious mind.

We can train the subconscious mind to think and act based on our repetitive motions.

What we stored in it has an immense impact on our lives, as most of the time, we humans tend to live subconsciously.

If we don’t set our subconscious navigation system purposefully, we manifest our daily actions in the same way — to drift through life. We prefer full-time ease and comfort.

If we have our subconscious navigation system set towards success, we manifest our daily actions in alignment with it. We head for challenges, contributions, and evolvement.

“The journed to greatness often begins the moment our preference for ease and comfort are overpowered by our deep desires for challenge and contribution.” — Brendon Burchard

Each of the following sections contains a question to assess yourself. Just give them an answer from 1 to 10. The lower your number, the more your subconscious mind…



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